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We are Balkan Burger, welcome to our little piece of the Übernet. Here you will find latest news, updates and bits about our passion for redefining and reinventing traditioanl Serbian dishes. Thanks for visiting!

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It all starter in September 2011 on an little food market in the middle of Jo'burg town...

Brother and Sister go to a new market opening to hook up with their best friend family from Cape Town but the Joburgers are fashionably late and Capetonians are surprisingly early so they miss each other. Sad times. Brother and sister decide to grab something to eat but all the food is sold out and it's not even 1pm! This is a big opportunity they thought and talked about what could they sell over a beer and a very expensive cheese platter after which they go back to their ordinary lives of corporate slavery.

But Sister spent many sleepless nights thinking about the market and its potential so she got up one sunny October morning and mobilised the family into action. We must do what we are passionate about! Mom you are to cook a Serbian meal fit for Kings and Queens and we are going to present it to the market gate keepers, Dad you are to organise the logistics, suppliers and old friends to help and you Brother, you are to reach out to the market organisers and sell them our vision. Six days later we had our first successful day as traders. And the rest is, as they say, history. :)

Today we are all grown up, we trade on three of Joburg's most famous markets, we have a food truck, we sell at big concerts, festivals and events and we cater for birthdays and even weddings. We also have big dreams!

We couldn’t have done any of this without our family being united in cause, without all of our Joburg and Cape Town friends who helped us in wisdom, marketing tips, design, builds and teardowns, champagne bottles and blue cheese, tech geek outs, mechanical know how, mars bars, stepping stones, laughs and many taps on the back.

But most importantly we are here because of you - our customer! You are helping us change the world, one Balkan Burger at a time! We salute you!


The Ivanovic Family

Menu & Meni

balkan burger


the balkan burger

The Original Balkan Burger is our number one, numero uno(TNT), broj jedan. It is served in a soft 'somun' bread which is heated as the meat cooks. It absorbs all of the flavours from the meat and softens up. We then fold the patty over (this is the unique technique that we invented) and add healthy portion of veggies including tomato, onion, cabbage and a green salad mix in the fold-over meat patty. This way the bread does not get soggy with all the veggie juice.



sir means cheese

The SIR is more sophisticated and more mature, more aristocrat. It is there because of all the cheese lovers out there who asked us to add cheese. After a dive into the cheese world we came up with the perfect cheese recipe. We use a mixture of home made Kashkaval and Mozzarella. Half and half. The Kashkaval has a distinctly strong Mediterranean taste and if used alone would overwhelm the experience. That is why we add Mozzarella, it brings the flavours down and it gives a really nice texture when it melts.

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The Balkan Burger Bus is the first proper food truck to hit the streets of Jo'burg. It serves lunch, 7 days a week, out of different locations around our beautiful city. You dont have to come to us anymore - we will come to you. Or at least close to you.
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paul masaaka children orphinage.

The Carl Sithole Soweto children village opened its doors back in 1944 for the first time. That is before us and our folks! Today it is caring for 66 children aged from 3 months to 19 years old.

What we dont sell we donate to these kids. Man the kids are awesome! We also visit the village with our Balkan Burger Bus when we can and serve lunch to these champions!

If you want to help out, in any way, please get in touch with us.


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